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September 19th 2003
Stormy weather

Many greetings from a currently darkened hotel room in Nyack, NY - hurricane Isabel is sending greetings, too. Well, we did certainly think of getting away from it by leaving Florida, but then it caught us here up north...! Luckily enough one hour AFTER the concert.
Yet another highlight of the past days was the inevitable visit to South Beach of Miami right at the beginning of this tour (before the storm...!). The results were skin-related "mis-tones" and burnings - mhm, no comment. Besides that, we encountered every-day tour life: many airports, many security extra checks, many hotels - but also a couple of delighting acquaintances...!
(Photo: Daniel in the Nyack, NY hotel room with "Isabel"...)


June 16th 2003
Norwegian wood

Our debut tour through the motherland of elks and trolls did not only bring us close to many friendly, open-minded people, it also featured one of amarcord's rare forest concerts. No less a person than Norway's former prime minister Kåre Willoch was our hiking fellow on the way from Kristiansand to the rocky stage of Olavsdalen – definitely more rock than stage, by the way. Around 1.000 wood-proof listeners were delighted by Edvard Grieg's Kvålins Halling - our little gift for his 160th birthday - and provided for an unforgettable concert atmosphere in the middle of a green Norwegian nowhere. More of this!

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