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December 20th 2014
Farewell from the Hilliard Ensemble

Dear David, Gordon, Rogers, and Steven – dear Hilliards!

Today is not going to be an easy day for you. After forty years on stage together, you will be giving your last concert tonight. We are glad we can listen to you one more time. For us, too, an important chapter in the group’s history is coming to an end – the most important one.

Half of our lives you have been accompanying us: besides our years in St. Thomas’s Boys Choir, your influence on our development is the most precious thing we have. Without you we wouldn’t be what we are today – and amarcord probably not our profession. For us, you turned from adored ideals to respected colleagues to fatherly friends (“oh, that bad, just like family”, you might reply).

You redefined the musical standard of what’s possible in making music together. The artistic heights and the creative depths you have reached are breathtaking (“with no additional oxygen”, you might reply). Nevertheless, the real achievement might be your
maintaining to be the most decent, approachable, entertaining bunch of people for whom tireless commitment for the young generation was a concern of the heart. Perhaps you don’t even know it: in this, you are as much ideals as you are as singers. And in all this, you have been encouraging us just like many other groups on their way. We all will carry on the Hilliard spirit in our hearts and keep it alive.

Once we miss you we will still have recordings and memories – and inspiration for years to come.

With kind regards, melancholy and grateful
The amarcords
Daniel, Frank, Holger, Robert, and Wolfram

[Die Hilliards beim Abschlusskonzert des a cappella Festivals Leipzig, Gewandhaus, 18.05.2014 ]

November 29th 2014
Advent ante portas

After multiple executions of the Seven Deadly Sins (musically, that is) and avoiding the pitfalls of November viral load, we are finally entering into Advent season. We're looking forward to a dozen pre-Christmas concerts - and to our new costumes ...
See you soon!


November 06th 2014
"Seven Deadly Sins"-Tour with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra

At present we're witnessing this season's first snow in the Swedish town of Örebro where we are currently preparing a tour of Brecht/Weill's "Seven Deadly Sins". The formidable Swedish Chamber Orchestra will be led by Viennese solitaire HK Gruber, his fellow countrywoman Angelika Kirchschlager will once again be a gorgeous Anna. With joint forces and in six towns, we will work through the seven deadly sins, namely wrath, greed, sloth, pride, envy, gluttony and - well, lust.


October 24th 2014
Saint Ghislain - new date confirmed

The Saint Ghislain of last Sunday that we had to reschedule due to illness will now take place on Sunday, October 26, 5pm.

October 19th 2014
Robert is ill - Saint Ghislain concert rescheduled

Due to a major laryngeal affection in Robert, unfortunately our concert in Saint Ghislain can not take place as planned. As of today, the concert will be rescheduled for Sunday, October 26. We'll keep you updated here.

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