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January 27th 2014
A message from Robert

Dear friends of amarcord,
I’m the new one. In the past months, the five of us have already performed quite a number of concerts together, and first off: it’s absolutely great fun with the guys!
I was born in Leipzig in 1994 and got in touch with St. Thomas’s Boys Choir by means of my brother and my parents. From 2004-2013 I had been a member there, in my last year as praefectus primus, a kind of assistant to the Thomaskantor. In 2009, some friends of mine and me started „fimmadur“ , a vocal quintet with whom I was able to gain first experience in five-part vocal music.
I am keen on sports while keeping my ears open to the musical world. I’m so excited about the chance the guys are offering me. Besides studying voice in Leipzig, my foremost duty now will be devouring music for hours on end – and practice, practice, practice ... But, as said before, it IS great fun.

I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you soon in person and hope you will remain loyal fans in the future.

All good wishes,
Robert (Bob)

[Foto: Martin Jehnichen]

December 24th 2013
Merry Christmas

... and a Happy New Year!
The amarcords

[Foto: Volkmar Heinz, Thomaskirche Leipzig 19.12.2013]

October 24th 2013
Welcome to the Club, Robert!

We are very happy to present from tomorrow's concert on our new second tenor!


September 20th 2013
A new time with changes

"Change keeps the door open, so that other changes may enter, too."
-Niccoló Machiavelli

Dear friends and followers,
in the year 1 after the great festive year 2013, incl. the jubilees of 800 years of St. Thomas Leipzig and 20 years of amarcord, there are changes ahead of us for 2013.
After an indescribable and unforgettable time in the group with Holger, Daniel, Frank, and Wolfram – comprising an infinite number of concerts and travels to all continents, that will stick to my memory together with the delightful recordings – the time has come for me to bid farewell to amarcord, my colleagues and friends. This autumn I’m going to leave amarcord.

10 years as a chorister, all in all 15 years as an ensemble singer. What’s coming next?

After such a long and filled time on stages all over the world, in my still young life I’d very much like to get to know more music of other genres and also to learn where my personal vocal development is going to lead me to.
My singing future after amarcord shall be dedicated to soloistic singing only, and I’m excited about many new adventures and musical "playgrounds" I haven’t come across, yet.

I’d like to thank my colleagues in amarcord for the marvellous years spent together, and I wish them for the future lasting musicality and stability, alongside loads of creativity and success!

Were I to find words for this musically manifold time full of experiences, one could only sum it up by saying:

It’s been a great ride.

Martin Lattke


June 13rd 2013
summer time is festival time

Right after our very own Leipzig a cappella festival, the festival season is getting into gear. We're now looking forward to "Sommertöne" (Eilenburg), "Sandstein & Musik" (Dohna), "Chelsea Music Festival" (New York), "Bachfest" (Leipzig) and many other summer sweetening institutions.


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