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July 16th 2012
Down Under

Our Australia 2012 tour has just commenced. After a 36 hour travel we arrived in Western Australia to perform our first concert in Perth, tomorrow night. We're looking forward to nine concerts (some of which can be followed on via live-stream), workshops and interviews alike, as well as the first ever joint breakfast to be won by those interested (in us...). More info:


April 18th 2012
a cappella XIII

For the thirteenth time, Leipzig is going to wear ORANGE, the colour of our a cappella festival. Nine groups from all over the world have been invited to turn our home-town into the capital of the a cappella world.

Be(come) a part of it!


April 03rd 2012
Passion & Easter

After exciting concerts with the Bach motets in Neuruppin and Luxemburg, our brothers-in-residence will return to the Thomaskirche right before Easter. In two performances of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with the Boys of St. Thomas they will share the tenor part: Wolfram as Evangelist, Martin as Aria guarantor.

The three lower voices of amarcord are scheduled to join the Lattke Bros. on Easter Sunday. Then all of us will premiere the 2nd festive music honouring 800 years of Thomana, alongside St. Thomas Boys Choir and Gewandhaus Orchestra under the baton of the composer, Thomaskantor Georg Christoph Biller.

March 16th 2012
20 years of amarcord - the 2nd concert

Our Leipzig concert series "20 years of amarcord" will be continued tomorrow in St. Thomas’s church. There we will join forces with four guest singers and the Lautten Compagney Berlin for a performance of the Bach motets – on the spot where all of us performed them for the first time a long, long time ago. A very special concert that we are looking forward to a lot.

If you’re planning to go there, you don’t want to confuse the venues:


March 09th 2012
Five again, at last - in the service of science

It’s an obvious fact that in the twenty years of this group’s existence there must have been an accumulation of unforeseen events and deviations from normal conditions previously unheard of. But this past 23rd US tour surpassed with ease everything we had experienced so far. Looking back, the suitcase that got lost right at the beginning (and hasn’t reappeared ever since) has to be counted as a mere bagatelle.

The day after Valentine’s day had been scheduled as our designated Grand Canyon day. That morning Holger wouldn’t show up for breakfast. Due to upper abdominal complaints he preferred to take it slow. Upon returning, the four of us didn’t find him in the hotel. He had been referred to hospital, where we met him only the next morning, with the tentative diagnosis Pancreatitis acuta as a result of Cholelithiasis, with a gallstone blocking his Ampulla hepatopancreatica. It was with a heavy heart that we had to leave him there and finish the tour as a quartet. On the very day of the last concerts in New York, Holger had his gall bladder removed and followed us home a week later.

At this point we would like to thank everyone involved in Holger’s recovery. A special thank you goes to the presenters of the US concerts following Holger’s mishap who treated us with understanding and support: Ms. Gail Robinson-Oturu (Clarksville, TN), Ms. Nancy Wu (New York), and in particular Mr. Ryan Holder (Sedona, AZ) for taking care of Holger and us in such a generous way.

For two days now we’ve been able to rehearse together again in Leipzig. And just today we are scheduled for serving the sciences in what promises to be a very special mission. In the Leipzig Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, we will explore the question how an unaccustomed positioning within the group can possibly affect movements, voice, and manner of singing – using up-to-date Motion Capture Procedure. At present, there is no study on schedule for singing without a gall bladder.


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