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The whole world of vocal music

In our a cappella programmes, we embark on a journey of discovery through the many facets of vocal music from Gregorian chants to the present day. Building on our experience of nearly 2,000 recitals, we devise thrilling programmes and entertaining concerts. Be it medieval or Renaissance music, Romantic or contemporary songs, melancholic or cheerful compositions, the world of vocal music has plenty to offer. Long may it continue to fascinate audiences all over the world!

A. Through Field and Meadow – A summer’s journey around the world
The Four Seasons: Summer

B. Sérénade d’hiver – The Four Seasons: Winter


D. Missa pascale & Missa de D.N.J.C. – Pierre de la Rue (c. 1450–1518) & Loyset Compère (c. 1445–1518)

E. Benedicamus Domino


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Monteverdi, Schütz, Bach: Broadening our scope with special guests

The crux of our activity is of course the five of us singing. Nevertheless, we never miss an opportunity to expand our repertoire and perform other compositions by working with additional singers! We grew up with Johann Sebastian Bach’s motets, yet we also feel a sense of attachment to Heinrich Schütz – and not just because he’s another local boy! We have also discovered Claudio Monteverdi’s Vespers for the Blessed Virgin – and we adore his madrigals.

A. A. Bach – Motets, cantatas, St Mark Passion, Altbachisches Archiv (old-Bachian archive)

B. Monteverdi – Marienvesper, Madrigali guerreri et amorosi, Selve morale e spirituale

C. Schütz – Musikalische Exequien, Weihnachtsvesper, Madrigale

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Programmes with musical friends

We’re always delighted to perform with instrumentalists to add sounds ranging from the delicate tone of the viola da gamba or warm horns to a sparkling piano and even a full orchestra. New projects are being added all the time, so you can always look forward to a surprise or two!

A. Hille Perl & Friends – Madrigales y Ensaladas, L’Amfiparnaso

B. Calmus – Disputation, Brumel: Missa Et ecce terrae motus

C. Lautten Compagney – El jubilate, Neusidler reloaded

D. Münchener Kammerorchester – Widmann

E. german hornsound – Schumann, Goldmark

F. ensemble modern – Die sieben Todsünden, Mahagonny, Chansons des Quais

G. Eric Schneider – Schubert

amarcord in motion

See and hear us in special productions

Early on, we were introduced to choreographer Irina Pauls, who kept encouraging us to include other elements in our work such as dance and movement. The pinnacle of our journey together so far is the dance theatre project ‘It’s Schiller’. Mind you, her ideas can also be seen in other exciting projects.

A. Town.Country.Song – Musical travel pictures for children aged 6 and up. Stage design by Antje Siebers. Devised, written and dramatized by Gabriele Nellessen

B. Dance theatre based on the drama fragment ‘The Knights of Malta. A tragedy’ by Friedrich Schiller. Choreography by Irina Pauls

C. Ballroom Dreams – A theatrical concert revolving around the desires and memories of a ball. With Wishful Singing, Friend ’n Fellow, and others